Car Parking Solutions Pty Ltd specialises in importing, installing and servicing mechanical, automatic and conventional car parking equipment, the implications of which are far reaching. Our company is one of the oldest mechanical parking companies in Australia, with agents in all major Australian cities as well as New Zealand and boasts over 3,000 installed mechanical stacker spaces of varying types throughout both countries.

Our equipment will increasingly play a future integral part in domestic, commercial and industrial developments, as architects strive to optimize available space and hence their clients’ investments. Multilevel mechanical car stackers both above and below ground are used extensively overseas particularly in countries where there is a chronic shortage of available parking and/or development space.

Mechanical parking has numerous advantages
• Existing precincts can be retained, protecting ecological and environmental integrity.
• Removing vehicles from site provides a more aesthetically pleasing aspect than a traditional car park area.
• Vehicles housed in pit type mechanical car stackers are totally secure and virtually theft and vandal proof.
• Parking spaces can be optimised where minimum provision is a council pre-requisite on commercial and residential projects.
• Apartments and commercial complexes can be doubled making property more appealing to potential tenants and/or purchasers.
• Highly desirable in suburban residential areas, with most families now needing accommodation for 3 or 4 vehicles and where
   street parking is either unavailable, limited, unsafe or poses a crime risk.

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