Car Lifts by Omer

Move 30N / 30L / 30T

Column lift suitable for up to 11 metres travel distance. 3 versions available including the Move 30T with integrated roof.


  • Any height, according to the needs of the customer (max 11 m - 472,4”)
  • mechanical safety devices to stop the platform at the level
  • always-active hydraulic safety devices with stop valves
  • “dead-man” controls
  • hydraulic lifting unit fitted with pressure valve
  • 4 kW (N and L) or 7,5 kW (T) electric motor with 380V, threephase power supply
  • platform built from antiskid treadplate
  • sandblasted and special epoxy powder coated or galvanised structure (optional)
  • lifting capacity 3000 kg (6600 lbs)

Safety devices

  • The MOVE 30 is fitted as standard with devices designed to protect the safety of the operators that use the platform and the vehicles being transported.
  • In particular, the following are present on the machine:
  • Automatic mechanical safety system that locks the platform at each level or stop
  • Special stop valves that are activated in the event of the accidental breakage of the hoses
  • “Dead-man” push-button panel at each level
  • Photocells that prevent incorrect operation (optional)
  • On-board handrails (optional)
  • Electric locks on any of the doors or gates at the various levels
  • All models of the MOVE 30 can be supplied in the two different versions: flush-mount (I), in which case a pit, measuring just 20 cm (7,9 inch) is required for the platform; or above ground, with the use of two ramps to simplify the loading of the vehicles onto the platform. The MOVE 30 is an approved product and bears the CE mark.

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