Car Lifts by Omer

Totalmove 30L

Column lift certified to carry passengers in the car. A very simple and cost effective open platform design suitable for servicing up to 30 cars over 2 or 3 levels.


  • Lifting height according to the customer’s needs (max. 11 mt. as standard version)
  • Hydraulic lifting unit fitted with overpressure valve
  • 4 kW or 7.5kW electric motor with 380V, three-phase power supply (according to the lifting height and lifting speed)
  • Platform fitted with antiskid tread-plate
  • Sandblasted and special epoxy powder coated or galvanised structure (optional)
  • PLC controlled operations
  • Lifting speed: 0,06 and 0,13 m/sec

Safety devices

  • Stop valves against-falling
  • Mechanical safety locks for the platform
  • “Dead-man” controls
  • Electrical locks to control doors at each floor
  • Button for general alarm
  • Button for fire alarm (to crash)
  • Button to return to the floor in case of black out
  • Connection to a tele-rescue centre
  • Entryphone linked to external handset, located in the engine-room
  • Auxiliary battery for intervention in case of black out
  • Vehicle shape control photocells
  • Devices to detect overloads, both for rise and descent

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