Multiparker 740

Cars parked in the same direction as the conveyor aisle. Suitable for particularly long and narrow plan widths, and can be supplied with up to 8 parking levels.


  • an automatic parking system, for 10 to over 100 cars, constructed as a high rack system suitable for use in public car parks
  • high flexibility permits adaptation to suit specific project requirements with 3 different models:
    • the cross parker (3 variants)
    • the shuttle parker and
    • the longitudinal parker
  • vertical conveyor with simultaneous vertical and horizontal movement and the option of turning the car at the same time
  • available as tower or shaft variant (entry at bottom or top) or as tower/shaft arrangement (entry at an intermediate level)
  • multi-row arrangements (one row directly behind the other) are also possible. Entry and exit areas can be flexibly arranged.
  • very fast access times by the use of a quick-change pallet system
  • reduces the need for driving lanes and ramps, reduces the need for costly illumination and ventilation
  • systems can be designed to accommodate differing vehicle heights and weights of up to 2.50 tonnes (e.g. Mercedes-Benz/ BMW/ Jaguar)
  • several operating options are available (e.g. magnetic card/remote control). It is also possible to integrate a cash accounting system for the collection of parking fees where applicable.

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