Parklift 440H for the handicaped

Horizontal platforms provide easy access and exit, and also make it easier to get in and out of the car.
If overall headroom is available, systems with higher clearances between platforms can be supplied variants.
Single units for 2 cars and double units for 4 cars are available.
Extra wide, covered platforms suitable for providing wheelchair access (pit required)

1. Parking places for the handicapped can be provided with different widths e.g. 3,50 m.

2. Parking places for the handicapped shall be on horizontal and only upper platforms.

3. After using the lower platform the system has to be lowered again. A special switch control solution ensures that the user key can be taken off only after reaching the lower position.

4. In the area of access to the car the platform is covered all over with rhomb shaped rubber mats also closing the gap between pit edge and platform.

5. Other platform widths can be delivered.


  • up to 100% more parking spaces
  • 1 driving level = 2 parking levels = cost savings
  • independent parking
  • short term parkers upper platform possible
  • low maintenance costs
  • high level of operating and functional safety (German TUEV tested/ CE certificate)


     residential buildings, condominiums, office buildings, hotels open air installation is possible

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